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Stewards of the Earth is a place that demonstrates how everyone and every institution can be more sustainable in an easy, creative and meaningful way. Everyone can learn at least something, and hopefully we can use that knowledge to create a positive impact as stewards of the earth.

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Hi! I'm Sabrina and ever since I understood the severity of the climate change and plastic pollution crises, I knew I had to do something about it. I couldn't believe I had been shielded from the realities of the destruction of our planet for so many years, but I knew I had to channel that frustration into a force for change and impact. I gradually began to change my ways, and I educated myself (and I still constantly do) about all things environmental sustainability, all in the hope of becoming and inspiring others to become stewards of the earth. It's the least our planet deserves, especially since we are running out of time to save it. I have a wide range of interests in sustainability such as investing, fashion, food, sportshospitality, single-use plastics and much more. So my ultimate hope is that everyone can find at least something to learn and carry forward with them in the hope that one by one, we can all become better Stewards of the Earth.

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